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Stole all my coins, Fake Profiles

I liked this app just to add a few likes to my pics, but today the app wouldn’t let me login and when I finally was able to, the entire interface changed and my 2000 coins just vanished . Your coins also vanish if you delete the app(which will happen because at times it will not load when you open it) Also the 70% of profiles that like and follow you are fakes , just people who made an extra account to get more coins for the main account. Not a Happy Customer!!!


Great app...when it’s actually working! 😕

Doesn’t load

Please fix it, it does not load. it also won’t log me in.

Great app

Does exactly what it says it will.


Love this app but developer needs to update it, it won’t work


I luv it

Awesome App!

Likes work really well, and i love that you can add multiple accounts to the app. I logged into my friends Instagram and surprised her with Followers and likes. But in a day, she lost 50 followers and i lost 100.


This app took my money twice without providing me with the likes that I paid for.

Do not trust this company

This company does not give out views like promised when paid they just take your money and do not respond to issue for days still ?


Whoa!!! This app was TOTALLY different just yesterday. It was to gain likes and followers. And now it’s the same as every other app to just monitor things. What the hell happened!?!?!

Likes Report

AMAZING APP!!!! Gets me a minimum of 50 likes on my posts.. I got 1,105 followers within 1 day⭐️⭐️ Not very hard to learn to use the app.. Earning coins may take awhile unless you pay for them, which is sort of unnecessary.. There’s an option to have auto like and follow on so you won’t have to keep tapping on the like and follow button. It’s very useful... Try to not like TOO many posts because Instagram will temporarily block you from following/ liking. I totally give this app 5 ⭐️


Slow and keeps shutting down, please fix

You should try it but

This is a great app to get followers :) you have to wait 3 mins after you collect all your coins. This app is not meant for likes. If you want likes get another app.

2 out of 5. Gives you less than you bought.

Gives you much less, then you spent. I bought about 1500 views and it gave me like 300-400. On another one video there is at least 700-900 less views then I bought. Every day there is a new bags. Support team are never answering you. Have all proves on my phone... 2 out of 5 for now. Fix that problems please.


You guys fixed the infinite loading sign so now I can sign into accounts and load my posts. The app is still unfortunately slow but other than that, it’s great!

Stopped working

My photos wouldn’t refresh on the “get likes” page. They won’t load at all. Fix this bug.

Please fix

I have been using the app since forever but it has been acting so weird lately it keeps lagging and loading forever and it never loads so please fix it!


Do not use this app! I bought 900 coins and my newest posts wouldn’t show up no matter how many times I refreshed. I uninstalled the app and reinstalled and poof all my coins where gone. I’ve reached out to support but have yet to get a reply. That was 2 days ago!

Great tool to help increase your Insta! 💯

This app was perfect until I started have upload photos problems. Trying to upload my photos from my Instagram account and it’s not loading up. The screen stays on the loading cycle and freezes up. This need to be fix ASAP! Thanks!

So good

Love this app

I️ love I️t

Great app

Instant & Easy

I was in shock how fast I received followers but they're not completely honest.. I paid for 500 I received about 390

It works



User Friendly!




It’s Like Most Apps... As Far As Followers Go, They Just Follow You To Get Points And Unfollow After! Wouldn’t Recommend If You Are Trying To Get Real Followers... And Sometimes The Points You Earn Don’t Even Show Up


This app works sometimes but I can’t receive coins because it keeps asking me to verify my account and when I type in the words it asks me to type it says that I’m wrong, this bug needs to be fixed, I love this app but cannot use it unless this is patched

This is pretty good

Yea this is a good app ☺️


The best app


It's exactly what I've been looking for. Now I can clean out ghost followers and keep friends only. It's so easy to user and report is easy to access.

It’s ok

You use coins to get followers and it takes a long time to earn coins only for followers to unfollow you days later. I find it useless for trying to gain followers

Rip off

Pretty sure all of these positive reviews are fake because I paid 7.99 for likes and never received them but they took my money. Do not use this app.

I accidentally bought something

A add piped up and I accidentally clicked on it and bought a 25 dollar thing and when I did it didn’t even give me the coins it just took the money plz help


It won't even let my pictures load

Change it back

The new layout is horrible. Please change it back to the old layout. If not, I'm deleting the app. It was great and had so many features up until you changed it today

Won’t work

It always keeps asking me to rewrite letters (robot) I type it in right and it still won’t work.

Follow me on insta im_that_nigga_hershey


Don’t make me follow



This app is so raw and follow me on instagram at dmoneyballhard


It's been like 3 minutes and I have gotten 200 points but when I turned them in I got ZERO followers! I'm so mad

They fix their glitches.

Some glitches here and there but they do a good job of responding. Thank you!


I like this app and I get free followers plus likes.👍

Great app

I love the freaking app it's awesome

Hands down best promo ig app

If you no how to use this app it's very powerful in marketing. I got 40,000 likes to 10 photos and 1300 followers FREE in 3 days. You have to really learn the app and its features though. Not heard just read the info. I don't get followers now I use to to get in top posts for hashtags and it works every single time. That gets me tons of real revelant followers. Love this app 10 stars. If you wanna grow your account and fast this is it. If you have an old iPhone and use two. The sky is the limit. I have an old 5c I let this thing run 24/7 and then use my 7 plus to get my likes comments. Comments are not good though and I have to delete like 50 percent because they don't make since. Only bad thing. Likes this apps a beast. Followers not so much.


It works.


Frickin horrible. When u buy the likes with ur coins it says complete and u never get you likes. Don't waste your time. RIP OFF

It’s perfect

In the past years I have used lots of apps that have same interests as this one, but this one by far has been the one that has worked for me and my social network profile on Instagram


Bought recharges on my account for $60 and never received a single thing. TERRIBLE TERRIBLE TERRIBLE DO NOT SPEND MONEY ON THIS GARBAGE!!

Don’t get this app

Steals your money and doesn’t work.


I spent about $50 dollars on this thing and only got 4 followers

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